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Since 1959 Apacheland hosted many western movies and TV shows in and around the Apache Junction area of Phoenix, Arizona. Apacheland was host to Hollywood stars such as Stella Stevens, Jason Robards, Audie Murphy, John Wayne, Richard Boone, Elvis Presley, Jack Nicholson, Marty Robbins, Chill Wills, Ronald Reagan and many others. 

Apacheland is located on the grounds of the Superstition Mountain Museum on the Apache Trail. Come and visit the authentic western movie studio from the Golden-age of Hollywood and TV Westerns filmed at Apacheland Movie Ranch. The original Audie Murphy Barn built in 1960 was featured in two of Audie's western movies filmed at Apacheland "Arizona Raiders" and "Time for Dying" as well as many other western movies and TV shows. The original "Elvis Presley Chapel" built for the 1968 filming of "Charro!" is always a favorite to those visiting Apacheland. Survivor of two fires, both buildings stand as a memorial to those who made Apacheland famous. 

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HOLLYWOOD WESTERN MOVIES, TV WESTERNS and COMMERCIALS filmed at APACHELAND™  from November 1956 until its last movie in 1996. Hollywood movie stars such as Elvis Presley, Jack Nicholson, Audie Murphy and John Wayne have appeared at 'The Western Movie Capital of the World"™ 

1956 Gunfight at the OK Corral - Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas

1960 Apache Trail Documentary - Documentary of Superstition Wilderness

1960 Have Gun, Will Travel - Richard Boone

1961 Bonanza - Lorne Greene,  Michael Landon, Dan Blocker

1961 Stagecoach West - Wayne Rogers, Robert Bray

1961 The Purple Hills - Gene Nelson, Kent Taylor

1961 The Broken Land - Jack Nicholson, Kent Taylor

1962 Showdown at Redrock - Frank Wilcox, Leland Wainscott

1964 Blood on the Arrow - Dale Robertson, Martha Hyer

Apacheland Reunion at the Superstition Mountain Heritage Days 

2015 Apacheland Reunion™ It seems even closer at Apacheland Days™ going on every year since 2009 at Superstition Mountain Museum. The 12-acre site at the base of the mountains hosts a slew of entertainers, from Hollywood actor and star of Audie Murphy’s 'Arizona Raiders' Michael Dante, the Apache Yellow Bird Dancers and Teton Ken as 'The Dutchman' himself, Jacob Waltz and Cement Bootprints of the Stars, wild-west gunfights and stuntmen!

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(L-R) Hank Sheffer, Bob Roloff, Charlie LeSueur, Michael Dante

The Elvis Presley Chapel featured in the movie “ Charro!" …

Apacheland Attractions


Apacheland Movie Ranch™ is located at 4087 N. Apache Trail at the Superstition Mountain Museum. The Elvis Chapel and Apacheland Barn were spared from the bulldozers and restored to their original state when the movie ranch was first built. Both structures serve as a living memorial to the hundreds of actors and dozens of TV shows and movies that were filmed at Apacheland Studio on Kings Ranch Road in Gold Canyon, Arizona. Since 2009, the Official Apacheland Days is held every year at the Superstition Mountain Museum.

Footprints of the Stars


Starting in 1966 street manager and promoter of Apacheland, Charlie Aldrich, started a trend of having the movie stars cast their footprints in cement whenever they visited the ranch. 

The cement slabs were permanent fixtures near Apacheland's front entrance but were soon moved to the Superstition Mountain Museum after the fire of 2004. Many of the cement bootprints were able to be saved and documented but there were a few that disappeared from the movie ranch in the years before the fire. Luckily, the missing bootprints were documented and will be returned to Apacheland soon.

Little Known Fact About Apacheland™ 

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The classic theme park Legend City in Phoenix, Arizona owes its existence to a small movie ranch near Apache Junction 40 miles east of Phoenix called Apacheland Movie Ranch. Apacheland was slated to be the southwest's "Disneyland" in 1959 and was to have a central western town perfect for Hollywood movies as well as southwest and Arizona themed attractions and rides. 

By early 1960 when investors were unsure of what direction to go, one half built Apacheland Movie Ranch in Apache Junction and the other half took the plans drawn by Disney's chief visual engineer, Nat Winecoff and built a western theme park called Legend City three years later. The Apacheland Gunfighters would regularly appear at Legend City and perform Hollywood stunts and gunfights from 1963 until 1969. Both locations were once part of the same dream back in 1959.

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