Filmed at Apacheland December 5 - 12, 1964

88 Minutes - Released in theaters August 1, 1965

Directed by William Witney


Audie Murphy, Michael Dante, Ben Cooper, Buster Crabbe, Gloria Talbott, Ray Stricklyn, George Keymas, Fred Krone, Willard W. Willingham, Boyd (Red) Morgan, Fred Graham, Booth Coleman, Levis Brown, Robert Shelton


Clint (Audie Murphy) is a Confederate war hero who has gone out west to join a renegade band, Quantrill's Raiders, and ends up captured by the law. Sent to prison with his friend Willie Martin (Ben Cooper), he goes along with a jailbreak plan masterminded by U.S. Army Captain Andrews (Buster Crabbe) to grant the men amnesty if they help the soldiers round up Quantrill (Fred Graham) and his men. Clint has an old score to settle with Montana (George Keymas), one of the Raiders, but plans to take off on his own until both his younger brother and his pal Willie are killed.

Watch some scenes from Audie Murphy’s "Arizona Raiders" with Michael Dante.

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