Filmed at Apacheland July 2 - 9, 1976

81 Minutes - Released in theaters May, 1979

Directed by Michael A. DeGaetano


Aldo Ray, Virginia Mayo, Anne Michelle, Jim Negele, Brad Rearden, Fred Carroll, June Ely, Carl Belfor, Grady Daugherty, Paul Vincenzo, George Smith, Leigh Hunt Wilson, Harry Tresize, Bob Bickston, Barry Cooper, Linda Best, Michael Callins, Leo Krokos, Ron Rhode


The original working title for this film was originally called "The Glass Cage" and was the last Hollywood film produced at Apacheland. This movie was filmed at Apacheland Movie Ranch in Apache Junction, Arizona. Aldo Ray and Virginia Mayo where frequents in and around the junction area, especially at the Lost Alskan on Apache Trail in Mesa, Arizona. This movie was filmed in July 1976 in and around Apacheland, Apache Junction, Canyon Lake and Scottsdale. The movie was shelved for 3 years before being released to limited theaters throughout the country in May 1979. 


In Arizona during the Civil War, a woman is accused of witchcraft, tied to a horse and left to die in the desert. One hundred years later, the descendants of the woman's accusers start being killed off, and the townspeople suspect the woman has come back as an evil spirit. 

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