Filmed at Apacheland February 1962

60 Minutes - Released May 1962


Frank Wilcox, Clark Howett, Mary Ellen Kay, Lee Wainscott, Jack Young, Levis Brown, Don Utah, Chuck Hastings


1962 was a pretty dismal year for Apacheland as Superstition Mountain Enterprises sold all of their interest in the movie studio and the hotel in Apache Junction just as the nation-wide real estate market was collapsing. Apacheland would soon fall into bankruptcy and a state decay. "Showdown at Redrock" was filmed entirely at Apacheland with the cast and crew staying at the Superstition-Ho Hotel in Apache Junction. Sadly, this is one of the last movies made at Apacheland until late 1964, early 1965 when Apacheland was finally able to climb out of bankruptcy with new owners and managers.


Frank Wilcox plays the Outlaw while Clark Howett wears his white hat and white boots to save Mary Ellen Kay from the bad guy. This film is a typical western of the day with a plot the features a Bad-guy/Good-guy scenario with a beautiful cowgirl caught in the middle of two jealous cowboys on the western frontier in a small town called "Redrock" (Apacheland), in the Arizona desert.  Leland Wainscott, Apacheland's first street manager/actor/stuntman also appears in this film with Jack (Blackjack) Young. Dinosaur Mountain in Gold Canyon (Apache Junction, AZ) plays a significant role in this film and is called "Redrock." 

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