Filmed entirely at Apacheland November 20 - 23 1977 

76 minutes - aired September 1979

Directed by Ann Perry


Carol Connors, Aldo Ray, Beth Anna, John Hollabaugh, Eileen Welles, Jack Birch, Jesse Adams, John Seeman, Tyler Reynolds, Desiree West, Dashile Miguele, Casey Winters, Andy Greg, Eddy Cannon, Charles Koutz, Lynn Ann Newton


The original title of this film was called "Shy Dove" and was originally directed by Charles Samples but Ann Perry soon took over to finish the film. The only documentation of this film existing are diary notes and a few news articles that were dated late November 1977. The film was later retitled "Sweet Savage" and aired September 1979 two years after filming at Apacheland. 


A young, beautiful indian woman called Shy Dove falls in love with a local cowboy where racial tensions are high. The racist element in town makes for a conflict between cultures that rip apart the town. Local cowboys from the town kidnap the girl and gang-rape her. When the Apache woman's brother hears about assault, and he and other members of their tribe kidnap a white girl from their town and in retribution, gang-rape her. Things spiral out of control from there.

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